CredoID v4.6 release

CredoID v4.6 release

We enter September with a new release and a bunch of useful features. First and foremost is Elevator control, which enables faster and more convenient configuration of access to required floors. Available on both HID Aero and Mercury LP panels, the solution is also useful for automating or input and output actions based on user access permissions or schedules. Coupled with appropriate quantity of input modules, elevator control

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Tansa featured

Midpoint Security becomes distributor of TANSA

Midpoint Security has started distributing speed gates, turnstiles and tripods from TANSA, a leading manufacturer from Turkey. With their roots in clockwork manufacturing business, TANSA produces mechanisms that are famous for their precision, reliability and minimal maintenance. Quality and attention to detail has won Tansa such projects as the Eiffel Tower, Fifa World Cup Stadium in Qatar, Istanbul Metro, Kuwait International Airport or Novartis Office building in the

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Midpoint Security partnership with STid

We are proud to announce new distribution partnership with French manufacturer of secure and robust access control reader and credential solutions – STid. Broad portfolio of STid’s QR, RFID, UHF, biometric and mobile-enabled readers supports OSDP v1 and v2 protocol, and can be used in even harshest environments and open a new tier of flexibility in project implementation. STid Mobile ID solution is available both as a cloud

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New product from Suprema FaceStation F2

Suprema FaceStation F2 is a multimodal access control terminal with unmatched face recognition performance. Boasting infrared and visible spectrum face recognition for increased performance, the FS2 can also include fingerprint and body temperature verification. Thus, FaceStation F2 meets the needs of the post-pandemic world with features like remote user enrollment, detection of users without masks and face recognition of users wearing masks. FaceStation F2 can easily handle the

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CredoID v4 Mobile apk

Mobile controller apk is now available

With the release of CredoID v4.1 we are launching a CredoID Mobile app for Android. The application enables reading and verifying multiple different credentials on compatible phones: Mifare cards (card support depends on your device’s built-in reader capability). External USB devices, supporting Keyboard emulation mode. This allows attaching a range of compatible readers for various proprietary formats, or any other ID reader which can emulate keyboard output. Bar

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