Midpoint Security welcomes a new partner in the USA: Platinum Protection Systems

September 15, 2021

Platinum Protect Logo

Headquartered in Methuen, Massachusetts, Platinum Protection Systems serves customers in 30+ continental US since 2007. As one of their core values, the company chooses open platforms and diverse product offerings, thus providing solutions that are lower in cost and are less likely to be obsolete. Providing a wide range of turn-key services to financial, educational, production, retail and other industries, Platinum Protection Security has been one of the top security companies in New England for more than a decade.

The choice of Midpoint Security as a primary platform provider for access control projects therefore was a natural outcome for the company. CredoID software supports Mercury and HID Global, the leading brands of open-platform access control, which falls in line with the key Platinum Protection Systems’ values. CredoID also provides open tools for feature customization and integration with other systems, thus helping meet even the most intricate customer demands.

You can learn more about Platinum Protection Systems services by visiting the website www.platinumnh.com