Midpoint Security becomes a distributor of STid (France)

December 2, 2020

STid readers

We are proud to announce new distribution partnership with French manufacturer of secure and robust access control reader and credential solutions – STid. Broad portfolio of STid’s QR, RFID, UHF, biometric and mobile-enabled readers supports OSDP v1 and v2 protocol, and can be used in even harshest environments and open a new tier of flexibility in project implementation.

STid Mobile ID solution is available both as a cloud and On-Premise solution, allowing organizations full control of their reader and credential infrastructure. 5 unique identification modes make life easier in various access control scenarios – from “hands-free”, useful for delivery persons carrying packets with both hands, to a “hand slide” mode to grant you access even when you approach a reader while speaking on the phone.

Mobile credentials vary from a simple CSN STid Mobile ID® free (a basic no-cost credential) to a Virtual Access card Secure+, which has fully configurable security parameters.

To learn more about STid product range, please visit stid-security.com or contact sales@midpoint-security.com for the an advice on selecting the products for your projects.