Contactless body temperature verification with Suprema FaceStation F2

December 1, 2020

Suprema FaceStation F2 is a multimodal access control terminal with unmatched face recognition performance.

Boasting infrared and visible spectrum face recognition for increased performance, the FS2 can also include fingerprint and body temperature verification. Thus, FaceStation F2 meets the needs of the post-pandemic world with features like remote user enrollment, detection of users without masks and face recognition of users wearing masks.

FaceStation F2 can easily handle the large number of users in enterprise environment. The terminal can accommodate up to 100,000 users, 50,000 face image logs and 5,000,000 text logs, and stores all data with enterprise-grade encryption. With the highest level of device security, FaceStation F2 not only encrypts all biometric credentials and personal information, but also protects the data with secure boot process.

To learn more about the Suprema FaceStation F2 terminal, please visit Suprema website or contact for a product demo.