Elevator control, QR code reading/printing and more

September 9, 2021

We enter September with a new release and a bunch of useful features. First and foremost is Elevator control, which enables faster and more convenient configuration of access to required floors. Available on both HID Aero and Mercury LP panels, the solution is also useful for automating or input and output actions based on user access permissions or schedules. Coupled with appropriate quantity of input modules, elevator control supports „feedback“ mode, which records user-selected floor number for more precise reporting of events in buildings with stricter security requirements.

Elevator control – low level integration for HID Aero and Mercury controllers

Elevator control is licensed as a separate module per cart, and requires additional input / output licensing for actual number of IO‘s used.

Illustration 1: Elevator configuration menu in CredoID

QR Code reading and ID printing

CredoID v4.x has been supporting QR and bar-codes as a type of ID for a while now. The feature lacked attention, however, and we admit – the feature is only as good, as it is convenient to use. So now you can:

QR code support and usage does not require a dedicated license, but naturally needs compatible QR readers, e.g. such as STid or Coppernic C-One2 with CredoID Mobile app installed.

ID badge generation and printing requires an optional Card design module, licensed separately.

Card Print
Illustration 2: ID badge design sample with QR code in CredoID v4.6

Scheduled reader operating modes

Further enhancing user convenience and system automation, we have added schedule-based reader configuration modes to CredoID. Update your system to CredoID v4.6 to conveniently keep the doors unlocked through peak times, operate them with required credential combinations during office hours or keep the entrances locked at any time.

So if you need a 2-factor authentication at the door, or to keep a door secure at night by overriding all default access levels, the feature will save you a lot of time and effort. Applying an individual schedule mode works on HID AERO and Mercury systems and applies per-reader, so you may set different behavior for ingress and egress.

Door mode schedule
Illustration 3: Schedule setting for reader operation mode in CredoID v4.6