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verified-userThe Challenge

Tokvila is the first and the largest Toyota dealership in Lithuania. Keeping up with manufacturer’s performance and service levels has always been Tokvila’s key priority, so the same demands were brought to access control and intrusion standards for the new building.

As the new dealership serves as car showroom, office, repair and bodywork service, and even has a rotating “photo-shoot-room”, no wonder it contains an ample variety of entrances. The challenge for the integrator was to strike the right balance between convenience, security and automation of entrance operation.

Additional expectations for the access control system were set as:

verified-userThe Solution

System integrator BTT Engineering, a partner of Midpoint systems, was tasked with a choice of access control and intrusion management solution for Tokvila.

Securing the premises was important, so BTT team used Grade 3 alarm system CSS Musdo from Dutch manufacturer ASB Security. The system is integrated tightly with CredoID access control – it allows arming and disarming areas and monitoring alerts directly from CredoID floor plan, as well as arming or disarming the system from designated access control readers. Such integration provides high level of user convenience without sacrificing security.

BTT team made full use of CredoID automation and scheduling features along with HID Aero controller capabilities, using scheduled locks and unlocks, “classroom” mode, held open alert bypass and other features.

Notification system has been employed to not only notify the security company, but also provide pre-emptive information to system administrator to ensure 24/7 operation.

verified-userThe Result

Key goal of combining world-class security with daily convenience has been successfully achieved. Each door and passageway functions in different modes based on schedules, card multi-tap or “if-then” trigger actions, without sacrificing safety and security – be it a regular door, motion-sensor activated sliding door with scheduled modes or long-distance roll-up door of spare parts warehouse.

“We are thrilled to have successfully completed a complex project within tight deadlines and budgets” – says Mr. Kęstutis Patkauskas, Managing director of “BTT Engineering”. – “Thanks to CredoID’s modern, flexible and integrated approach, we were able to meet all customer’s demands and even exceed them. We are looking forward to doing even bigger projects together”.

Project details

BTT Engineering

UAB "BTT Engineering"


Vilnius, Lithuania (Europe)


The largest Toyota dealership in the Baltic states located in Vilnius, Lithuania


2-floor, 12’890 m2 building, housing an automobile showroom for almost 300 cars, office, car service and warehousing areas


A total of 80+ different entry points

Access Control

CredoID access control software, HID Global AERO x1100 and x100 controllers


HID Origo Mobile ID with OSDP enabled R10SE readers and CCS MusDo intrusion alarm system


CredoID – the software suite that integrates hardware from world-leading brands into a robust and powerful system.

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