Southern Plaza retirement community

verified-userThe Challenge

Southern Plaza is a retirement community in Bethany, Oklahoma offering 3 levels of care. Southern Plaza Retirement Community’s philosophy is based on the belief that each resident is entitled to the highest quality of life through wellness services. The right of each resident to determine his/her needs is respected at each level of care, and promoted by providing services in ways that recognize each resident’s individual needs and preferences.

For an organization aiming for a high standard, yet affordable service, there are multiple factors to consider when making an infrastructure investment decision. When a company overseeing Southern Plaza’s access control system failed to provide the expected service level, the management faced a decision: rip and replace the whole system or find an alternative software package, capable of supporting the same hardware.

Additional expectations for the access control system were set as:

verified-userThe Solution

System integrator IBACC Inc., a partner of Midpoint Security based in Costa Mesa, CA, was requested to do a site survey and determine the possible options for access control upgrade.

Site survey revealed that existing HID EDGE EVO controllers and readers were fully operational and performing as expected. IBACC concluded that a new software could provide a much-needed improvement in both user experience of administrators and security personnel, as well as ability to service the system.

CredoID software was chosen for a small pilot deployment to verify the claims of ease-of-use, and Southern Plaza’s management was soon convinced that the software lives up to its promise.

The key benefits Southern Plaza has been able to achieve with the software upgrade:

verified-userThe Result

By choosing a software upgrade path, Southern Plaza has been able to substantially extend the useful life of the existing access control hardware and save capital expenditure budget without affecting the quality of its services. Factoring in the reduced administrative and maintenance tasks, as well as service bills, the project has been a “Multi-win” for Southern Plaza.

“We found that CredoID received great reviews and fit exactly what we were desiring in an access control company.” – says Mr. Kevin Metcalf, IT systems administrator at Southern Plaza. “Credo ID did not disappoint, we received great customer service from the sales team and the tech support during installation was great! The software was very easy to install and very user friendly to program. We highly recommend Midpoint Security and CredoID.”

Project details

Ibacc Inc.

iBACC Inc.


Oklahoma, USA

Date of completion

Q1, 2024


Southern Plaza, the Christian retirement community offering multiple levels of care


A 3-floor, multi-apartment residential community building with common areas, a parking garage, storage facilities, and other utility spaces

Access Control

A total of 28 HID EDGE EVO controllers, combined with card and PIN readers for controlling access to common, service and utility areas


CredoID v4 access control software, deployed on-premise with permanent 30-door license


CredoID – the software suite that integrates hardware from world-leading brands into a robust and powerful system.

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