Largest medical university in the Baltic states

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verified-userThe Challenge

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences is over a 100 years old, and in the course of history has seen many changes to its organization structure, facilities and curriculum. University faced a quickly mounting problem – a mixture of diverse and incompatible access and security systems, which required an increasing number of IT and administrative resources to run.

verified-userThe Solution
verified-userThe Result

According to University sys-admin, time consumed for user management tasks every month is down from days to a matter of minutes. In addition, professors and students enjoy convenient guidance through a maze of buildings and flexible classroom entrance thanks to integrated Door-Tablet guidance and workspace reservation system. New facility (such as Library or Veterinary Academy) permission additions and similar tasks have also seen significant time savings.

During the next stage of upgrades between 2022-2024, LUHS plans to expand the access control system to more buildings, add wireless locking and elevator management solutions to dormitories.

Project details




Started in 2015 (and ongoing)


5 buildings (and corresponding locations) with 200+ entry points and 24'000 daily users.


Kaunas, Lithuania (EU)​

Access Control

Mercury and HID controllers


DigiFort VMS, ASB Security Intrusion system and Door-Tablet conference room management.


CredoID v4.6


CredoID – the software suite that integrates hardware from world-leading brands into a robust and powerful system.

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