Einpark Offices and Residences

verified-userThe Challenge

Contrary to a popular proverb, property development is not just about the location. Corwin, Slovakia’s leading property developer knew it first hand when they set out to build the greenest office and residential complex in the Slovak Republic. Achieving LEED Platinum certificate meant looking beyond current technologies and ensuring long-term sustainability. An additional challenge was to optimize both installation and long-term running cost without compromising daily life convenience of businesspeople and residents. In terms of access control, it meant the following:

verified-userThe Solution

The two diverse– business and residential – parts of Einpark complex called for different administrative capacities. The needs and life schedules of the users differ dramatically. Last Mile, a leading Slovak integrator, has chosen CredoID platform as the backbone for the solution. The key elements of the system are:

verified-userThe Result

“Choosing CredoID as a core system for Einpark safety and security has been a great decision”, – says Corwin Head of Innovations Mr. Matej Šestina.

“The system allowed us to achieve our goals in building management, allowed us to efficiently delegate security tasks to designated personnel and ensured long-term interoperability among multiple components of building safety and convenience.

We are also excited with the additional capabilities offered by latest updates to CredoID and are looking forward to moving to the next generation of the platform in the upcoming months”.

Project details


LAST MILE, spol. s r.o.


Bratislava, Slovakia (Europe)


Einpark was awarded LEED Platinum rating - the highest possible rating within the sustainability certification, placing it among top 1% of the most sustainable buildings in the world


7-floor, 17’800 Sq.m space office and 18 floor, 110 residence buildings

Access Control

Underground parking, 70+ entry points, 9 elevators, 2000+ daily users


Integration set: CredoID access control with Elevator management, Digifort VMS and ASB Security intrusion system


CredoID – the software suite that integrates hardware from world-leading brands into a robust and powerful system.

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