CredoID version 4.12 expands hardware range!

July 25, 2023

Today we are releasing CredoID v4.12, which adds support for Azure Access controllers BLU-IC2 and BLU-IC4 and enables new alerts feature.

New hardware: Azure controller support

Designed and manufactured in California, US, Azure Access controllers meet the highest security and performance standards:

Utilizing both IP and/or RS-485 connections for controllers and modules (except for single-door BLU-IO21, which is RS-485 only), Azure Access extends the capabilities of the classical access control topology. You now have even more options to run cabling (or re-use an existing one) to achieve required setup. 

Azure Access controllers

CredoID software makes the addition of Azure Access controllers seamless by incorporating device support into already familiar configuration workflow.

Read more about Azure Access controllers:

Azure BLU-IC4 and BLU-IC2 controller specifications.

Integrator contact for quotes.

CredoID v4.12 specification sheet.

Azure BLU-IC4
Azure Access BLU-IC4 controller
Azure Access Topology
Azure Access system topology with CredoID software

New feature: Alerts

With CredoID v4.12 release, a new Alerts module introduces customizable alert levels, sounds and persistent notifications, which may require Operator action to be taken.

CredoID Alerts
CredoID Alerts monitoring interface

The key benefits of the new Alerts module:

CredoID Alerts module requires purchasing a license. It enables the feature for all system Operators and does not have usage limitations within the system.

CredoID Alerts configuration interface

Microsoft SQL support ending. Migration to PostgreSQL. A free database migration tool is now available.

CredoID v4.12 release marks the end of support for MS SQL.

What does it mean for you?

If you are a new user of CredoID v4.12 (i.e. you have a fresh installation), you don’t have to do anything about it. PostgreSQL is the default database engine, which will be installed during CredoID installation process.

If you are running a CredoID v4.9, and you already are using PostgreSQL, you can proceed with CredoID update following the regular update process.

If you are running CredoID prior to v4.9 or you are using a later version with MS SQL, you have to update CredoID to v4.11.288 (the latest one with MS SQL support), perform DB migration using the free tool, then install CredoID v4.12.

Learn more about database migration at CredoID Konwledge Base.

As always, CredoID updates are free for the first 12 months after purchase, so we encourage you to take this opportunity and move your access control data to the excellent expandable and free open-source solution.