CredoID version 4.11 is here!

June 1, 2023

CredoID release has brought several important updates:

Floating license model

The primary purpose of floating license is simplifying high-availability setups of CredoID instances for our integrator partners.

With floating license, a number of licenses can be installed on a server (or cluster), which will then rotate and use the licenses as needed. So, if one instance of CredoID is affected by an outage, another one can be brought up and activated instantly for seamless continued operation, eliminating downtime completely. This should help our partners with cloud setups to improve performance and match more demanding SLA requirements.

Floating license requires installing and running a CredoID License Management Service with online access, and is available for all our contract partners.

Due to licensing model enhancements, CredoID upgrades from previous versions will require reactivation. New installs follow the usual activation process.

Access Level activation and expiration

Based on partner requests, we have added time limits for access level validity. This means you can now automate and control individual access rights rather than activating / deactivating user in the system.

This is particularly useful for repeated visits with limited time and/or changing access areas, for example such as vendors, maintenance personnel and similar cases. You no longer must collect their credential on exit or disable the user – just set their access levels for required date and time, and CredoID will take care of the rest.

CredoID 4.11
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Aperio wireless locks on IP Hub

We have re-introduced Aperio wireless lock support with AH-40 IP hubs. After Mercury specific hubs had been discontinued, and 1:1 Wiegand hubs no longer matched customer expectations, there was a gap in supporting Aperio wireless locks.

We have now built support for an IP hub (AP AH-40), which enables up to 64 wireless lock support and overcomes the limitations of RS-485 cabling. The hub can be powered by PoE, requires a Mercury or HID Aero controller as a master device, and supports 25-meter radius for lock connectivity.

Further user experience improvements

As always, update to CredoID 4.11 is free for all users within the first 12 months since license purchase. It is also available for anyone purchasing a CredoID upgrade from previous versions. Get it at today!