CredoID: integrated solution for Space Booking platform

October 8, 2021

CredoID partnership with Blue Wire started implementing Space Booking project in Dole, France when the local railway station turned part of the building for space rent offering. Company intended to create a tightly integrated easy to use solution, with an online booking and automated access control system. 

CredoID software by Midpoint Security brought a hard-soft integrated solution that manages outside and inside access without additional human intervention.

When visitor books the space through, generated PIN code from central server travels to local server. After confirmation of the online booking, access authorizations for the connected locks are automatically granted through locally installed CredoID. The visitor makes his way to the booked room and unlocks doors using their unique PIN code. For all internal agents, CredoID provides a standard access control solution to open doors with Mifare cards.

Learn more about Space Booking by Blue Wire visiting the website