Scheduled user import, Assignable I/Os, Holidays and other new features

June 9, 2021

The highlight of CredoID v4.4 release is scheduled automatic user synchronisation feature with Active Directory or CSV data sources and new Holidays module. From now on, administrators no longer need to perform user data import manually. Instead, they can rely on a pre-configured data structure mapping, which will take care of user data import / sync at pre-defined periods of time.

Scheduled holidays
Illustration 1: Holidays management in "Schedules" settings

Holidays extend Schedule management feature and allow providing exceptions to regular weekly access level cycle. They can be added to any user-created schedule and, given coincidence with a regular week day, override the schedule for a particular day(s).  

Assignable IO’s allow flexible choice of controller inputs and outputs for door management. This is especially useful in takeover projects, where the cabling is already done in a certain way, and being able to re-assign IO’s in software saves a considerable amount of technicians’ time. The feature is also useful for adjusting the system to different standards of operation or optimizing device usage in projects on budget.

Assignable IOs and Holidays are free additions to all systems within 12 months period since the date of purchase or with a valid extended renewal period.

Automatic user data import license has to be purchased separately to enable the feature.

Imports detailed
Illustration 2: scheduled "Active Directory" import