CredoID v4.1 released with HID Aero controller support

August 3, 2020

On August 3, 2020, Midpoint Security has released a major update to CredoID, version 4.1. The update is free to any customers within 12 months period since the date of purchase or with a valid extended renewal period.

A major addition in the release is the support for new AERO series of controllers from HID Global. The new product line, headed by X1100 smart controller, serves as a form and fit replacement for both the VertX EVO V1000 and V2000. It provides both on-board two-door support and downstream IO module communication in a single unit. With attached modules The X1100 can control up to 64 readers, 64 access points, 615 inputs or 388 outputs.CredoID v4 supports key features of the X1100, such as secure OSDP reader connection (up to 2 readers per channel), IO module encryption and backwards compatibility with VertX series modules (V100, V200 and V300).

Due to on-board logic for 2 door management and module support, AERO series controllers can reduce cost per door by up to 25% or even more, compared to VertX series. Learn more about AERO controllers from HID Global here:

Or order a complete access control system with HID AERO X1100 controllers, Signo readers and CredoID v4 software on our web shop: